Gua Sha Orthopedic Soft Tissue tools

Update: the GOST-2 will be back in stock and available by 1-29-22! Our classic multi edge tools feature a symmetrically beveled treatment edge that runs the entire perimeter of the tool. The edge is sensitive and efficient. Choose from the pocket sized GOST-1 to the 10 inch GOST-3. Multiple convex and concave shapes treat all muscle and soft tissue contours. Lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.

Gua Sha Professional Tools

Gua Sha Professional Tools feature an ergonomic handle and a symmetrically beveled treatment edge. Effective for any instrument assisted soft tissue technique. The GP Tools are much lighter than metallic tools and feel warmer against the skin. Our proprietary composite material is compatible with any skin lubricant or cleaning solution.  No hassle returns. Made in the USA.

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