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     Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that is over 2000 years old. Gua sha is effective when pain persists beyond the acute stage of injury. Pain relief is often immediate.

     Our instruments treat the whole body and protect the clinician's hand. Designed by an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist our shatterproof polycarbonate instruments are made in the USA and guaranteed for life. Available to clinicians and motivated individuals. 

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GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool-1


The GOST-1 is perfectly shaped for the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Treat small contours of the neck, jaw, face, ankle, and foot. The compact size and multiple treatment edges make the GOST-1 extremely useful and versatile. The GOST-1 is ideal for common problems like tennis elbow, trigger finger and localized treatment of myofascial trigger points.


The narrow treatment edge magnifies tissue texture, raises petechiae, and is perfectly smooth and comfortable against the skin.  



Treatment tip #1: Treat Proximally for Distal Problems

Example: Chronic Tennis Elbow 

The radial nerve innervates the muscles of the wrist extensors and is formed by nerve roots C5 to C8. Perform gua sha directly over the spinous processes of C5 to C8, and also adjacent to the spinous processes of C5 to C8 along the paraspinal muscles. Raise petechiae if possible. Perform gua sha over the posterior deltoid and triceps making a direct path towards the lateral epicondyle. Continue treating distally down the forearm over the wrist extensors. End treatment with a stretch of triceps and wrist extensors. 

The appearance of petechiae over the elbow affected by chronic lateral elbow tendonitis and pain with history of multiple cortisone injections.


The GOST-1 perfectly matches the thenar and hypothenar muscles of the hand. Eliminate tenderness that persists following carpal tunnel release and other surgery or trauma where firm pressure and weight bearing on mature scar remains uncomfortable.


Use gua sha when tissue remains painful after surgery or trauma. Once scar is mature and no longer red, raised, or hypersensitive (approximately 12 weeks after injury) gua sha is appropriate and highly effective. 

Video of GOST-1.


GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool-2

The larger edges of the GOST-2 make it ideal for treating the shoulder, chest, upper arm, and petite lower extremities. A great tool for raising petechiae along the spine and back for a traditional gua sha treatment.

The unique treatment edge mobilizes soft tissues and efficiently raises petechiae with minimal effort.

A favorite of throwing athletes and the clinicians who treat them.

Video of GOST-2.



Treatment Tip #2: Improve Flexibility

Perform gua sha over the fascia of the anterior shoulder, chest, and biceps then follow immediately with stretches for each muscle treated. With reciprocal inhibition eliminated strengthen the scapular stabilizers and retractors and improve thoracic spine extension. This is an effective approach for problems including shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis and thoracic outlet syndrome. 


GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool-3

The GOST-3 is our largest tool with a rounded treatment edge that resembles the profile of a fingertip. Comfortably apply firm pressure into large muscle groups and deeper layers of soft tissue. Also use the GOST-3 to provide a gentle treatment when soft tissue pain is pronounced and intolerant to a sharper edged instrument. In this case the GOST-3 calms irritable soft tissues in preparation for a more aggressive and productive treatment. Video  of  GOST-3.


Above the edges of the GOST-1 (top), GOST-3 (middle), and GOST-2 (bottom).


The GOST-3 shapes match the largest contours of the lower extremity including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors. Textured perimeter ensures a secure grip. The GOST-3 is thicker than the GOST-1 and GOST-2. 

Increased rigidity combined with a rounded edge allow application of firm pressure to reach deeply into large muscle groups and soft tissues. Ideal for treating muscles involved in sciatica, as well as hamstring, quadriceps, and hip flexor strains.



Treatment Tip #3: Improve Performance

Use the GOST-3 as part of a warm up routine. Use comfortable pressure to elicit a histamine response to improve circulation and increase tissue temperature in the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, then stretch. Increasing muscle length improves the muscles ability to generate a stronger contraction and minimizes risk of injury.



Treating the hamstrings with the GOST-3


GuaSha Professional Series

The GuaSha Professional Tools feature the same great edge as the GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tools 1 and 2 with the added benefit of an integrated handle. Available to professionals and individuals who desire a clinic quality instrument. Lifetime guarantee and free shipping.


  • Textured handle improves grip.
  • Handle allows application of firm pressure.
  • Provides precise control.
  • Ergonomic design minimizes stress on thumb CMC joint.

GuaSha Professional-1

The GP-1 is the best gua sha tool for small anatomical contours including the digits, radial and ulnar borders of the hand and wrist, Achilles tendon, and more. Ideal for mobilizing scar and soft tissue associated with injuries affecting the fingers including contracted IP joints secondary to scar, fracture, crush injury, volar plate avulsion, and prolonged edema. Apply over the dorsal aspect of tight PIP and DIP joints prior to PROM to increase circulation and tissue temperature and facilitate improved flexion. FREE shipping! GP-1 video.


GuaSha Professional-2

The GP-2 shapes match contours of the palm, forearm muscles, medial and lateral elbow, neck, ankle, foot, and more. Treat medial and lateral epicondylosis (tennis and golfer's elbow), Dequervains, and tendonosis affecting the FCR and FCU insertion at the wrist. Shapes match the hypothenar and thenar emminence of the palm. Mobilize mature scar to eliminate pain and improve flexibility following carpal tunnel release, Dupytren's release, and more. FREE shipping! GP-2 video.


GuaSha Professional-3

The GP-3 shapes target the upper arm, shoulder, calf musculature and more. A large rounded end works nicely for trigger points in larger muscle groups including the upper trapezius. An effective tool for eliminating myofascial pain and improving flexibility of the biceps and triceps, and deltoid. Treat tight paraspinal muscles involved in low back pain by placing the concave section over the spine and mobilizing both paraspinal muscles at the same time. Using a more gentle approach, both the GP-3 and GP-4 (below) provide effective retrograde massage to decrease swelling in acute cases. FREE shipping! GP-3 video.


GuaSha Professional-4

The larger edge on the GP-4 matches the muscular contours of the shoulder and chest. The GP-4 is the best gua sha tool for treating tight pectoralis muscles and fascia associated with shoulder impingement and thoracic outlet syndrome. Also treat larger triceps, and biceps, petite quadriceps, hamstrings and more. The GP-4 includes a flat shape that works well for raising petechiae along the spine and over myofascial trigger points affecting the rhomboids, levator, and other periscapular muscles. FREE shipping! GP-4 video.



Treatment Tip #4: Gua Sha Basics

The gua sha tool is stroked in a head to tail direction along the spine, and away from the heart in the extremities. The patient should be in control regarding how much pressure is used to perform gua sha. Gua sha is sometimes uncomfortable over sensitive tissue associated with chronic problems. Use a gentle approach to begin the treatment. Often, the tissue becomes tolerant of firmer pressure as circulation improves. When tolerated, raising petechiae correlates highly with pain reduction.


GuaSha Professional Tools protect the user's thumb and finger joints.


  • Ideal for the clinician with ligamentous laxity, arthritis, or overuse problems affecting the hand
  • Lightweight to minimize fatigue
  • Shatterproof and durable polycarbonate
  • Easy to clean and safe for treating multiple clients
  • Capable of treating the entire body
  • Clinician designed
  • Fully guaranteed. Return any tool within 60 days for a full refund
  • LIFETIME replacement guarantee regarding defects in materials and workmanship


Protect your hands and improve palpation

GuaSha Professional tools direct force into the large, stable joints of the user's hand. Pressure is directed into the palm allowing finger tips to rest on the treatment blade to facilitate palpation.


Eliminate thumb CMC pain

The ergonomic handle eliminates lateral pinch and protects the vulnerable thumb CMC joint. The thumb joints rest in a stable and flexed position. Finger joints do not hyperextend - a common scenario when using jar lids, coins and other traditional flat profile tools.


Secure Grip

The textured handle decreases muscle fatigue and provides a secure grip even when hands become slippery from massage cream. The treatment blade is solid while the handle is hollow. This key feature reduces weight and minimizes fatigue, and more importantly, enhances and magnifies sensitivity.


Your hands will feel the difference

GuaSha Professional Tools fit perfectly in the hand, protect small joints, improve control, and enhance palpation.


Our Products...

Compared to common objects like spoons, coins, or bottle caps, our instruments are comfortable and provide a safe and consistent edge that is never sharp, always the desired shape, professional in appearance and easy on the user's hand.

Versus biological materials

Unlike animal horn or wood, polycarbonate resin is non-porous and does not soften when exposed to water. Therefore the tool can be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. This feature ensures a safe instrument that can be used with multiple clients.

The shapes that can be achieved by carving biological material is limited. Modern manufacturing methods allow our tools to achieve the desired shape. In other words, one does not have to force the tool to fit the body.

Versus minerals

In comparison to jade or other minerals our instruments are lightweight to reduce fatique and will not shatter if accidently dropped. Should damage occur, any rough spots on the treatment edge can easily be buffed out with fine grit sandpaper.

Versus metallic tools

Unlike metal, polycarbonate is a poor conductor of both heat and electricity. Polycarbonate is therefore more comfortable on the skin and does not feel cold to the touch. Compared to metal, polycarbonate is lightweight and less fatiguing to use while retaining excellent palpation, sensitivity, and durability. Importantly, polycarbonate provides a substantial cost advantage over metallic tools making lost tools much less painful to replace.

An Evidenced Based Approach to Gua Sha

From a Western medical perspective gua sha improves circulation by mechanically stimulating mast cells to release histamine. Histamine dilates capillaries increasing circulation to chronically painful soft tissues.

Learn theory and effective treatment protocols for tendonosis, stubborn pain following trauma and surgery, scar mobilization and more with the companion treatment manual Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction. This 100+ page manual provides a tutorial for beginners and advanced technique for the seasoned clinician. Essential for client education, several color photographs are included demonstrating the normal appearance of petechiae.


 Treatment Manual

  • Learn the methodology for selecting cases appropriate for gua sha.
  • Obtain consistent and repeatable results.
  • Apply gua sha safely by learning contraindications.
  • Add a valuable skill set to your manual therapy repertoire.
  • Successfully integrate gua sha into your practice.


Specific problems addressed in this manual

  • Shoulder impingement syndrome / chronic rotator cuff tendonosis
  • Nerve compression including thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Chronic lateral and medial epicondylosis
  • Chronic plantar fasciitis
  • Achille's tendonosis
  • Non-acute ligamentous sprains
  • Non-acute muscle strains
  • Chronic tenosynovitis (trigger finger and Dequervain's)
  • Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes
  • Lack of flexibility secondary to long term postural asymmetries
  • Decreased flexibility following immobilization


    Above the GOST-1 from Treading Lightly blogger and customer Mandy

    Physiologic response to gua sha:

    1) Inadequate circulation is one cause of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Cellular metabolism without adequate oxygen produces lactic acid. Gua sha increased blood flow four times above pretreatment values and eliminates lactic acid. 

    2) Gua sha decreases pain. Some pain receptors are sensitive to changes in pH. These nerves become hypersensitive to touch or tissue tension. Gua sha eliminates the acidic environment and restores tolerance to touch and movement.

    3) Gua sha increases tissues temperature facilitating stretching. Muscle guarding decreases and flexibility improves. Function returns as reciprocal inhibition is eliminated.

    4) Gua sha facilitates healing. Normal cellular production is not possible in an acidic environment resulting in a failure to heal, a common scenario seen in tendonosis. Gua sha immediately improves circulation and restores normal pH restoring homeostasis and the body's ability to produce normal cells. 

    5) Firm pressure gua sha creates petechiae that initiate a healing response.  


         The most striking aspect of gua sha is the appearance of petechiae, small red dots that form just beneath the skin's surface. When tolerated, firm pressure gua sha produces clusters of petechiae. The release of histamine relaxes and dilates the capillary walls which form gaps large enough to allow a small amount of blood to exit as the edge of the gua sha tool is stroked over the skin.


         Petechiae have a similar appearance to a bruise. However, petechiae that form after gua sha are not bruises. And unlike a bruise occurring from trauma, they are non-painful. In fact, the appearance of petechiae is the key to unlocking the potential of gua sha. Blood from petechiae initiates a healing response. The release of blood into the extracellular space is a strong chemical attractant to macrophages which remove devitalized tissue and produce new tissues. Techniques including injection of PRP or whole blood appear to function via a similar mechanism with gua sha offering a less invasive and cost effective alternative.

         Educating the client regarding petechiae is an important aspect of treatment. Although striking in appearance, most chronic pain clients accept a transient skin discoloration in return for symptom relief and improved function.

         The evidence base for gua sha and IASTM continues to grow. Below are several links to study abstracts.

    Achilles Tendinopathy

    Chronic Neck Pain

    Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy



    Gua sha is an effective treatment for tendonosis because it increases circulation, improves flexibility, and mobilizes scar and adhesions. With appropriate clients, the technique is taught as part of the home program. When performed in conjunction with a stretching program gua sha restores muscle length and facilitates healing.

    Above, the appearance of petechiae resulting from gua sha initiate a healing response in a case of chronic elbow tendonosis.


    Gua Sha For the Athlete

    Athletes use gua sha to relieve muscle soreness, improve flexibility and promote healing of chronic injury. 


    The above treatment techniques use the GOST-1 and GOST-2, courtesy of Josse Tobiasson a long distance runner and massage therapist. The instruments in the video are over 5 years old.


     Performance Enhancement and Recovery

    Athletes and clinicians use our products to maintain peak performance by addressing soft tissue problems before they become serious. The growing number of professional organizations that use our products include the Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Royals, LA Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins. GSO Tools are also used by members of the Professional Golfer's Association.


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    This custom designed carrying case by Case Logic is made specifically for GuaSha Professional tools and features padded walls, carrying strap, zippered openings, embroidered logo, and compartments for each of the four GP Tools.

    The case is included with purchase of the 3 Tools & Manual, Professional Set and Professional Kit packages.

    An additional pouch on the inside of the lid provides storage room for the manual as well as any of the original tools including the GOST-3. Walls are soft and thickly padded to protect the tools and a carrying strap makes transport easy. The padded dividers are secured by hook and loop tabs - this allows the dividers to be removed to customize the lower tray as needed.


    About the author

    Mr. Lott's degrees include a BA in Biology from Hiram College and a combined MS and BS in occupational therapy from D'Youville College. Mr. Lott is a practicing occupational therapist and certified hand therapist and sees clients in a regional upper extremity surgical and rehabilitation clinic in Akron, Ohio.

    Matt's clinical practice (and ability to find new and interesting ways to injure himself) continues to provide the foundation for the successful application of gua sha. In addition to writing the treatment manual, Matt also designed the instruments found here.



    2016 Run with Scissors half marathon with Wilson


    Since their introduction in 2005 Matt has personally performed all the hand finishing on every tool's edge. This maintains an unmatched level of quality control.

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      Customer Reviews

      the BEST scraping tool available, look no further

      I've been using this tool for the better part of 6 years, and by FAR it is the most superiorly designed soft tissue scraping tool that I've seen in 30. It's beveled edges are comfortable for the patient, yet is able to detect the connective tissue irregularities more precisely when working on an extremity. It's performance far exceeds the other tools (we all know what/who they are), and is my "go to" in any soft tissue work I need to do. I'm about to order my third GOST-1 (I have GOST 2 also) because of the nature of my work, some lucky clinic(s) has the other two I left there!

      Director of Sports Medicine

      I have utilized these GSO products at multiple institutions since 2011. My staff uses these tools to administer 15-20 treatments on a day in collegiate sports medicine facility. There is nothing out there that will get the same results. They provide excellent feedback to the clinician regarding tissue quality and the edges/contours provide superior mobilization of the tissue during treatment. Also, they are cost effective compared to multitude of other products on the market. Try these products and you will never go back to the others.


      As a hand therapist, I like them more than ASTYM

      I am a hand therapist and have used ASTYM tools. ASTYM are quite expensive to use (keeping certification and renting the tools). I bought these tools and several other types. I love these and am buying more today. I have been using them for about a year. I do not miss my ASTYM. I get the same results and they are a great addition to my practice.


      My Favorite GuaSha Tools Of All Time

      This set of GuaSha tools is my all time favorite. I had a particular PT that used this set and when I moved I had to track down the same set. Surprisingly it wasn't easy for me to find them, but once I did, I was back in GuaSha heaven. Great shapes and very durable. Great for the practitioner or individual. I highly recommend this set.


      Perfect for Soft Tissue Injuries

      After a severe ankle sprain my PT started using gua sha to break up scar tissue and improve healing. It worked so well that I learned how to do it myself. I used a spoon for a little while, but nothing compares to the GOST-1. The edges are perfect and the different corners make it easy to get into every nook and cranny. It's definitely worth the extra money.


      GOST-1: Absolute Must Have for Runners

      As a daily runner, one of the small prices I pay is a tender Achilles, Even with proper stretching and running form. The Gost-1 has completely fixed both of my tender Achilles issues. I have tried everything from The Stick to trigger point therapy , but nothing has solved the problem more than the Gost. My runner's tool for life! Thank you for a great product!


      Thank you!!!

      I love these tools. I am so impressed with the fast and consistent results I get with shoulder problems now that I am adding IASTM along with my chiropractic adjustments. It is no less than life changing for my patients. Thank you Matt!


      Versatile and effective

      I learned Gua Sha in 2011 and am still using these two tools. I am now ordering extras for my friends who do massage therapy, I want them to do my back. I am an occupational therapist working in Hand Therapy and I use my tools daily. No other brand has the right edge for our work. My compliments on an exquisite design.


      Great set of tools

      I have been using the professional set for about 5 years now and I am extremely satisfied with their function. I am a physical therapist in my 26th year of practice in a private sports med clinic. The tools have a great handle on each of them so you don't end up pinching them to hold onto them securely. The big half arc tool is used on quads, hamstrings, calves, adductors, hip with excellent results. They are easy to clean the professional case keeps them all in one place. I have actually had several pts buy individual tools for their own use at home and they love them. Highly recommend this set for doing your instrument assisted soft tissue treatments.


      The following are customer reviews from our first store on ebay:

      "If you love gua sha, these tools are worth having"

       "Better than jade tools".

       "So glad I found this item. I used it on the day I got it and ever since".

       "Excellent tools. Very quick shipping. Guide is thorough".

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       "Great tools! Very effective."

       "I love these tools!"


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