GuaSha Professional Tool 4. Free shipping!

$ 39.95

The larger edge on the GP-4 matches the muscular contours of the shoulder and chest. The GP-4 is the best gua sha tool for treating tight pectoralis muscles associated with shoulder impingement and thoracic outlet syndrome. Also treat larger triceps, and biceps, petite quadriceps, hamstrings and more. The GP-4 includes a flat shape that works well for raising petechiae along the spine and over myofascial trigger points affecting the rhomboids, levator, and other periscapular muscles.  Specifications: weight = 3.8 ounces, treatment edge length = 5 3/4 inches. Handle: textured, 1 inch diameter, 5 3/4 inches long. Made in the USA. The handle makes the GuaSha Professional series the most comfortable, controllable, and sensitive soft tissue instruments available. Free Shipping!