Gua Sha 3 Tools & Manual

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Includes the GOST-1, GOST-2, GOST-3, manual and carrying case from Case Logic. Learn effective application, educate clients and address the entire body with the 3 Tools & Manual kit. Instruments feature a wide variety of shapes and a symmetrical beveled edge that runs the entire perimeter of the tool. The manual provides concise and evidence based instruction. Keep everything organized and ready with the included carrying case.

Constructed of DupontTM Zytel®

  • Highly durable. Free replacement if you can break one!
  • Extremely smooth feel against the skin
  • Use any skin lubricant even those containing camphor
  • Conducts vibration for enhanced palpation.
  • Cleans easily with ordinary soap and water but can also withstand stronger chemical disinfectants.
  • Safe for use with multiple clients.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio.
  • Lightly textured surface improves grip and won't show scratches.

    Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

    • If any of our tools become damaged it will be replaced at no charge.

    Made in the USA

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