Gua Sha Professional-1

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The GP-1 is designed for small body contours, the ideal choice for the hand, foot and ankle. Easily mobilize soft tissues of the digits and Achilles tendon.

Ergonomic handle minimizes stress on the user's thumb CMC joint by avoiding lateral pinch. Pressure is dispersed into the palm while fingertips rest directly on the treatment blade to enhance palpation.

Constructed of DupontTM Zytel®

  • Use any skin lubricant even those containing camphor
  • Conducts vibration for enhanced palpation of soft tissues.
  • Use any cleaning solution.
  • Safe for use with multiple clients.
  • Symmetrical beveled treatment edge
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee 


Weight = 2.6 ounces!

Shatterproof composite

Treatment edge length = 1 1/4 inches

Handle: textured, 1 inch diameter, 5 inches long, hollow

Made in the USA

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