GuaSha Professional Tool 1. Free shipping!

$ 34.95

The GP-1 is the best gua sha tool for small anatomical contours including the digits, radial and ulnar borders of the hand and wrist, Achilles tendon, and more. Ideal for imobilizing scar and soft tissue associated with injuries affecting the fingers including contracted IP joints secondary to scar, fracture, crush injury, volar plate avulsion, and prolonged edema. Apply over the dorsal aspect of tight PIP and DIP joints prior to PROM to increase circulation and tissue temperature and facilitate improved flexion.. Specifications: weight = 2.8 ounces, treatment edge length = 1 1/4 inches. Handle: textured, 1 inch diameter, 5 inches long. Made in the USA. The handle makes the GuaSha Professional series the most comfortable, controllable, and sensitive soft tissue instruments available. Free Shipping!