GuaSha Professional Tool 2. Free shipping!

$ 34.95

The GP-2 shapes match contours of the palm, forearm muscles, medial and lateral elbow, neck, ankle, foot, and more. Treat medial and lateral epicondylosis (tennis and golfer's elbow), Dequervains, and tendonosis affecting the FCR and FCU insertion at the wrist. Shapes match the hypothenar and thenar eminence of the palm. Mobilize mature scar to eliminate pain and improve flexibility following carpal tunnel release, Dupytren release, and more.Specifications: weight = 3 ounces, treatment edge length = 2 1/4 inches. Handle: textured, 1 inch diameter, 5 3/4 inches long. Made in the USA. The handle makes the GuaSha Professional series the most comfortable, controllable, and sensitive soft tissue instruments available. Free Shipping!