GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool-3

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The GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue-3

The shapes of the GOST-3 match the largest body contours.

  • Treat the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps
  • Thick and rigid for heavy use
  • Textured perimeter provides grip for one or two-handed use
  • Features a wider treatment blade resembling the profile of a fingertip

Lean into stubborn trigger points and apply the firm pressure necessary to reach deeply into large muscle groups with the GOST-3. Ideal for treating the glutes, piriformis, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band and mobilizing fascia superficial to the hip flexors.

Use the GOST-3 to provide a unique massage experience or unlock the potential of gua sha by using firmer pressure.

Shatterproof polycarbonate

Made in the USA

Lifetime guarantee

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