Gua Sha Professional Kit

$ 154.95

The Gua Sha Professional Kit includes:  

  • GP-1
  • GP-2
  • GP-3
  • GP-4
  • GOST-3
  • Treatment manual
  • Case Logic carrying case

Treat all muscle and soft tissue affected by chronic soft tissue pain and protect your hands with the Gua Sha Professional Kit. Tools are the design of an occupational therapist / certified hand therapist. The handle eliminates thumb cmc joint stress caused by lateral or key pinch. 

Fingertips rest directly on the treatment blade to enhance palpation. 

The treatment blade is symmetrically beveled allowing the user to flip the tool over and use with either hand.

Lightweight with textured handle to reduce user fatigue

Shatterproof Polycarbonate

  • Tools will not break if accidentally dropped. Very high strength to weight ratio, polycarbonate is the layer used to make glass bullet proof. Conducts vibration for enhanced palpation of soft tissues. Cleans easily with ordinary soap and water. Safe for use with multiple clients.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

  • Any damaged tool will be replaced at no charge.

No hassle return policy. If any of our products do not meet your expectations, simply return for a full refund, no questions asked.

Made in the USA

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