Clinic Master Kit

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The Clinic Master Kit includes:  

  • GP-1
  • GP-2
  • GP-3
  • GP-4
  • GOST-1
  • GOST-2
  • GOST-3
  • Gua Sha; Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction
  • Case Logic carrying case

The Clinic Master Kit includes all seven tools, the treatment manual and carrying case, everything needed to supply a busy clinic. Treat all muscle contours with a wide variety of shapes. Every tool will stand up to heavy clinical use and provide the most efficient and effective soft tissue treatment available.

Tools are the design of an occupational therapist / certified hand therapist. The Professional Tool's handle minimizes thumb cmc joint pain by placing all joints in a slightly flexed and stable posture. Clinicians with arthritic changes or joint laxity with appreciate the added comfort the handle provides.  

The treatment blade is symmetrically beveled allowing the user to flip the tool over and use with either hand.

Tools are constructed of our proprietary composite:

  • Use any skin lubricant even those containing camphor
  • Conducts vibration for enhanced palpation of soft tissues.
  • Cleans easily with ordinary soap and water and withstands any chemical disinfectant.
  • Safe for use with multiple clients.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

  • Any damaged tool will be replaced at no charge.

No hassle return policy. If any of our tools do not meet your expectations, simply return for a full refund, no questions asked.

Made in the USA

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