GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool-1

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The GOST-1

  • Multi shaped instrument
  • Entire perimeter is a useable treatment edge
  • Symmetrical beveled treatment edge
  • Ideal for small contours of the hand, forearm, and elbow.
  • Also treat the neck, jaw, face, ankle, and foot.
  • Professional appearance

The GOST-1 is ideal for small body contours but is highly versatile and capable of treating many areas of the body including the elbow, forearm, hand, ankle, foot, and face.

Small convex rounded edges are perfect for targeting localized myofascial pain and trigger points affecting the shoulder and back. 

Eliminates painful carpal tunnel release scars. Mature scar that remains tender and prevents weight bearing or firm grasp is an ideal target for the GOST-1. A favorite tool of hand therapists and the clients they treat.

The GOST-1 is extremely lightweight and won't fatigue the user like heavier metal tools. The GOST-1 fits easily in a pocket and is ideal for travel. 

The GOST-1 is rigid and unbreakable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The symmetrically beveled treatment edge allows the user to flip the tool over and use it with either hand.

The treatment edge is refined for sensitivity and efficiency. The edge balances palpation and ability to mobilize soft tissue.

Shatterproof Polycarbonate

  • Very high strength to weight ratio, polycarbonate is the layer used to make glass bullet proof.
  • Conducts vibration for enhanced palpation of soft tissues.
  • Cleans easily with ordinary soap and water. Safe for use with multiple clients.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

  • If any of our tools become damaged it will be replaced at no charge.

Made in the USA

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